About Us


Grape Unicom is an IT Products and Services company serving customers Worldwide. Grape Unicom enjoys broad-based access to established, proven, and diversified technologies to business partners throughout the globe. With our partnership model, we are able to respond to a variety of technical demands to support dynamic, evolving business needs and exceed customer expectations. Our consultants possess in-depth experience, enabling us to promise solid performance in delivery, immediate response capability, and customer satisfaction. Through our comprehensive range of services, we can provide the customer business with the best practices to achieve your goals. Our expertise in mobile application development and implementation, Networking, Information technology consulting and outsourcing, enables us to work with the customer to tailor our services to match customer requirements exactly. From the simplest task to large-scale plans, Grape Unicom has the capabilities and resources to deliver professional results on time that meet international standards and your budget requirements.

Why Grape Unicom?
Quality assurance with certainty: Grape Unicom solutions meet recognised standards of usability, user-friendliness, applicability and efficiency on all deliverables to ensure full customer satisfaction. We’ve conducted the testing and control measures to ensure them.
Advanced advice through information technology (IT) consulting: As the customer needs become more sophisticated, Grape Unicom provides expert advice to integrate applications and implement advanced technologies.
Process re-engineering with an eye toward process improvement: customer can reap the benefits of Grape Unicom partnerships with reputable management consulting and IT firms in IT solutions based on process re-engineering recommendations and quality control implementations.
Reliable systems analysis to meet all requirements: Given your standard business procedures, Grape Unicom system analysis experts ensure that our progressive applications take full advantage and ensure continuity of your growing operations.
Technical and business support for total customer satisfaction: Grape Unicom provides continuous and reliable on-line customer support in the form of problem-shooting, implementation, and training.