With the rapid technological change, our partnership model allows us to expand in the ever- demanding IT industry and offer a wider range of enterprise products and solutions that meet the customer operations needs and requirements.Our strategic partnership with Grape Unicom, a global IT provider with the objective of offering high quality integrated products and services, added to our portfolio high standard vertical solutions:


With the rise of mobile technology, increase in the availability of internet connectivity, coupled with software designed to fit the needs of board meeting users, it is now possible for fully digital, mobile board meetings. GU’s e-Meeting product is an enterprise iPad, iPhone and Android application for meeting and collaboration. It’s designed to address the needs of executive and non-executive directors, key management, administrators, and corporate secretaries in the areas of preparation, communication, mobility, document access, notes, recording and security.
The World’s only artificial intelligence based SMS System, Smart SMS is the only SMS Product in the World to have inbuilt Artificial Intelligence. SMS is a great channel for customers to quickly find information, with SmartSMS your customers can access your services and information without having to remember SMS keywords. Customers can just send SMS using their natural language and SmartSMS recognises with 99% accuracy. SmartSMS is designed to serve many industries: Banking, Telecom, Government and others.
SpeechSense IVR
Touch Tone (DTMF) based IVR are now an aging technology and is being fast replaced by IVR’s with speech recognition capability. We offer the next generation of speech recognition IVR and we term it as Behavioral IVRs aka Speech Sense. People are tired of speaking to automated machines and often get frustrated; Behavioral IVRs are not just machines but machines with artificial intelligence that behave according to the callers speech, past preferences, historical data etc. Customers no longer need to press digits to navigate through huge IVR menus. Instead they can simply say the service they want to access, and our IVR platform will recognize their speech.
Mobile Banking
Mobile Banking – MobeeBank – is a complete Mobile Banking and mCommerce Solution empowering customers with access to financial services through SMS, SmartSMS, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8 Tablet, BB 10, Java Phones, USSD, GPRS, IVR, STK and WAP leveraging on a single multi-channel platform. It provides customers 24×7 access to their accounts through a mobile phone with simple clicks. No more ‘Banking Hours’ restriction, waiting in the ‘queues’ or filling up ‘Lengthy forms’. Our partner, Grape Unicom, is the official Mobile Banking implementation company for the MobeeBank in South Asia and Middle East.


Raretech Enterprise Solution Framework offering
  • Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Portals and Web CMS
  • SharePoint Solutions
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • E-Commerce
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Solutions for SME: Inventory Management, Man Power Management, Project Management, Human Resource Management System (HRMS).