The board meeting is the epitome of leadership, status and success of any organisation. Traditional board meetings use a face-to-face paper based model. Although this model has served board meetings well for a long time, it suffers from a number of problems and limitations, such as high cost, excessive time needed, lack of security, and lack of flexibility. But thanks to technologies such as the iPad, the internet, and well-designed software, the board meeting is now able to go beyond that. Grape Unicom’s eMeeting++ Product replaces the board pack with a user-friendly iPad application that allows them to receive meeting updates and agendas along with the relevant files on their iPad, iPhone or Android device.

Challenges of Traditional Paper Based Board Meetings

The old way of preparing and doing board meetings suffer from a number of problems that are unnecessary in an age of powerful tablets like the iPad:

  • Accessing past board meeting materials or minutes is difficult or troublesome.
  • Key meeting attendees who are in remote locations are unable to raise their opinion or attend the meeting.
  • Printing, collation and shipping of board packs are laborious, costly and prone to error.
  • Last minute updating of board/meeting packs is a big hassle.
  • Meeting/Board packs are subject to security risks that can expose potentially confidential information.
  • Board packs are often voluminous and inconvenient to carry around.
  • Duplicate copies needed to be shredded before after a meeting.
  • Meeting attendees cannot add their opinions in an effective way to any item in the meeting prior to the meeting being held.
Benefits For Directors

eMeeting++ Product makes it easy for the meeting attendees to satisfy the following needs:

  • Review the information pack for the upcoming meetings and easily see or add annotations.
  • Multiple Teams/Committees.
  • Side by Side Document Viewing – Tabbed Document Interface for viewing multiple documents at the same time.
  • Check schedule of the next meeting.
  • Access past meeting information packs.
  • Board Resolutions and Approvals Module.
  • Track Meeting Decisions.
  • Add shared and private notes.
  • Access documents anywhere.
  • Keep information secure, even when the director loses their iPad.
  • Add annotations on the meeting files by free hand drawing, various other shapes and sticky notes to the meeting files.
  • Instant Messaging with other meeting attendees.
  • Completely Arabized – offering layout from right to left suiting the Arabic language.
  • Works on iPhone, iPad and Android
Benefits for Administrators

Administrators, corporate secretariats or those who organize meetings and other functions significantly cut down the time spent in preparing board meetings using eMeeting:

  • Easy to use web interface.
  • Collect a number of different files from multiple sources.
  • Collate documents to become part of one board pack.
  • Create an agenda.
  • Use an index to jump from one area to another to check if the board pack is complete.
  • Publish documents so they can be accessed by meeting attendees.
  • Easily make amendments, replace documents, and create additions to the packs after publishing.
  • Inform both executive and non-executive directors about the meeting.

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