Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

MobeeBank is a complete Mobile Banking and mCommerce Solution empowering your customers with access to financial services through SMS, SmartSMS, USSD, GPRS, IVR, STK and WAP leveraging on a single multi-channel platform.

Business Benefits
Anywhere Anytime Banking

Provide your customers 24×7 access to their accounts through a mobile phone with simple clicks. No more ‘Banking Hours’ restriction, waiting in the ‘queues’ or filling up ‘Lengthy forms’

Customer Acquisition

Improve your customer acquisition strategy through personalised experiences that make it easier for customers to enroll and engage with you. Introduce innovative mobile banking services to attract new customers and retain old ones.

New Revenue Channels

Tap the massive revenue potential of the un-banked and under-banked segments and generate revenue even from sources not core to your current business.

New Partnerships

Integrate the mobile banking participants (MNO, banking systems, user applications, access channels) and facilitates the translation of the banking instruction from the consumer’s mobile phone to that of a financial message. Partnership with MNO can lead to Leverage the MNO bearer channel, distribution network and infrastructure to extend your payments franchise to mobile phone.

Cut down cost

An average teller transaction cost and an electronic transaction cost ratio is about 20:1. Mobile banking represents a more cost efficient channel for the banks, allowing them to charge less for transactions, and permitting the consumer to have immediate access to information related to their bank accounts. These factors should translate into more transactions more often and increases revenue.

New Era Banking

Introduce Agency Banking/ Branchless Banking Solutions, Simplify agency processes; improve your reach to all banked and non-banked customers.

Value Added Services

Facilitate Bill Payments, Airtime Top-up, Money Transfers, For-ex Rates, and Stock Trading etc. to the customers. Also gives the bank the ability to cross-sell and up-sell their other complex banking products and services such as vehicle loans, credit cards etc., Innovative lead generation services for other bank offerings like insurance, custodial, loans, credit cards.

Branding & Loyalty

Deliver compelling and personalised experiences that increase customer satisfaction and promote brand and customer loyalty. Interactive correspondence helps to engage account holders and makes it easy for them to learn about new programs, sign up for additional services, and deepen their connection with your organisation.

Process & Compliance

Automating key banking processes helps minimize risk, can reduce operational costs, and helps meet compliance, security, and regulatory requirements. Labor-intensive administrative tasks can increase the chance of errors and delays. Automatically generate, update and archive compliance reports at regularly scheduled intervals. You can also audit automated processes to quickly determine what was done when and by whom.


Account balance, mini statement, cheque book requests, full statement request, Funds Transfer between Accounts, Bankers cheque, Cash withdrawals and deposits, Utility bill payments, buy goods, online purchase authentications, pay credit card, loan services, custodial services like get quote, buy stock, sell stock and alerts on his accounts. etc.,


Cash-in, Cash out, Mini Statement, Bill Payments, Airtime purchase, send money on behalf of customer, request for statement and Funds transfers to other Mobile Money Accounts. etc.,