Smart SMS is the only SMS Product in the World to have inbuilt Artificial Intelligence. SMS is a great channel for customers to quickly find information, but almost all the time they have to remember hundreds of keywords to access particular services, something that the human mind is not designed for and therefore we as humans tend to forget what is the keyword that we have to send. So we decided we would change how things work and we’ve built a SMS engine with Artificial Intelligence capabilities that allows customers to just write any thing related to the service they want to access in their natural language and our SMS engine recognizes what the customer wants. For ex, in the banking sector – If a customer wishes to know his account balance he can simply send a text message as “What is my account balance” or “How much money do I have”, basically anything as long as the context of the SMS is to request the account balance, our Highly Intelligent SmartSMS product understands with absolute accuracy.

This is called Smart SMS, something that is truly useful for your customers. It’s a product that genuinely ushers you and your customer to a new era never experienced before. Be the early adopter and bid farewell to the past, impress your customers and be part of the change that transforms everything SMS related.

That’s not all, see below why he have called our truly amazing product “SmartSMS” and why we keep referring to it as highly intelligent:

Smart & Intelligent AI SMS Engine

Recognizes not just keywords but natural language as well, which allows customers to access their services even if they don’t remember the keywords.


Customers can send SMS in various natural languages and the engine can recognize what the customer precisely wants and respond back in a language the information was requested.

Can understand SMS Lingo and Spelling Mistakes

Ability to understand SMS lingo and spelling mistakes. Customers can write short forms of words as people normally do while texting. For e.x. To know their account balance, they can write, “Wat is my acc balnce” – here wat (For What), acc (For Account), balnce (For Balance) are spelled wrong, but our SMS Engine precisely understands that the customer is requesting their account balance.

Unlimited Possibilities

Ability to handle multiple queries in a single SMS. For e.x. A customer may wish to know his account balance as well as their past few transactions, in that case he can simple send a SMS in their natural language like – “How much money do I have and what are the last 5 transactions”. Note the SMS doesn’t has to be in any defined way, they can write in anyway they wish and as long as the context is querying certain information, the SMS engine precisely understands what is that they are requesting.

Business Forecasting Report

Business forecasting report – built in feature to let the business know the estimated usage of a particular service on any given future date. This allows the business to plan outages and other things accordingly.

Advanced Reporting Engine

Advanced reporting engine with hundreds of built in reports and many more, which can be easily made through simple mouse clicks.

Conforms to Standards

Supports Telco SMS Gateway protocol SMPP v3.4. Supports Push and Pull SMS.

Easy Integration

Push SMS and get SMS from/to other systems via multiple interfaces such as DB, Web Services, HTTP and Excel Sheet etc.

High Throughput

High through put, can processes thousand of messages per second.

Event Based

Send SMS based on certain events such as Bill Payment reminder or promotional messages, can automatically integrate with your enterprise systems.

Highly Secure

Banking/Finance, Government and Telecom ready! Supports various encryptions such as AES, Triple DES and integration to HSM devices.