SpeechSense IVR

SpeechSense IVR

Touch Tone (DTMF) based IVR are now an aging technology and is being fast replaced by IVR’s with speech recognition capability. Grape Unicom presents the next generation of speech recognition IVR and we term this as Behavioral IVRs aka Speech Sense.

Behavioral IVRs: People are tired of speaking to automated machines and often get frustrated; Behavioral IVRs are not just machines but machines with artificial intelligence that behave according to the callers speech, past preferences, historical data etc. Customers no longer need to press digits to navigate through huge IVR menus. Instead they can simply say the service they want to access, and our IVR platform will recognize their speech & what they want, giving the caller a natural feeling of talking to a human.

SpeechSense IVR is not just an Inbound IVR. It can also be used as an outbound IVR for multiple purposes. For e.x. a Bank can setup our Outbound IVR to remind customers to pay their credit card bills by calling them on the date of the payment and allowing an instant transfer of funds from the bank account to the Credit Card in the same call. Also an insurance company may use it to remind of expiring insurances and taking payments right on the call using credit cards. These are just some of the examples how SpeechSense can be used for Outbound IVR.

Some of the features of Speech Sense are:

  • Speech recognition and touch tone (DTMF) based IVR.
  • Dynamic menu options – change menu based on callers past preferences or customize with simple click from the administrative console.
  • Built in Artificial Intelligence that allows the IVR to behave like a human and interact with the caller based on their speech, mood, preferences and historical data.
  • Business forecasting report – built in feature to let the business know the estimated usage of a particular service on any given future date. This allows the business to plan outages and other things accordingly.
  • Advanced reporting engine with hundreds of built in reports and many more, which can be easily made through simple mouse clicks.
  • Works with E1, T1, SIP, Analog, and SS7.
  • Built in conference capabilities. No need to use external conferencing solutions anymore.
  • Adaptive intelligence – IVR gets more and more intelligent over a period of time to understand new vocabularies. All this fully automated with no human intervention.
  • Send Fax – built in feature to send faxes straight from the IVR with no extra costs.
  • Insert promotional messages at any place in the IVR with a single click.
  • Outbound calls – IVR can call millions of customers for promotional calls or place a call based on a certain event such as credit card payment reminder etc. Integrates out of the box with different CRM.
  • Intelligent call routing – transfer call to the right agent or if a call is disconnected while talking to an agent and if the caller call backs the call is transferred to the same agent again or you can configure it to transfer to the next available agent with screenshots of previous transaction and the point of call disconnection. The power is in your hands!
  • Multilingual.